Over 60% SMB's are the target of a cyber attack and over 40% don't recover from the loss of revenue. Contact SCS for free today to find out what we can do to help you.


The reported average cost of a Malware attack in 2017 in terms of lost revenue and business downtime. With a Cyber Security policy in place you can reduce the chances of being breached.

50 Days

The reported average number of days a malicious Malware attack takes to resolve in a business with no Cyber Security policy in place. SCS can help you to ensure you're response times are much lower.

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Case Studies

We've got a library of case studies to help you see how SCS have helped clients with their Cyber Security requirements.

Structured Pricing

With a clear 3 tier pricing structure, you'll have full control over how much you spend on Cyber Security services.

24x7 Monitoring

Our 24x7 monitoring facility means you get the benefit of having eyes on your infrastructure around the clock.

Premium Customer Support

Our support staff are trained to deal with any number of situations and act as your first point of contact in emergencies.

Continuous Improvement

Cyber Security is an evolving landscape so implementing a C.I plan is crucial to ensuring you remain protected.


Utilising Cloud technology means we can offer SaaS to clients and provide an subscription based assessment service.

How it works

Here's a very simple overview of how we work. For a more detailed look at our processes, check out the services page or better yet, get in touch with us today!


Allows us to learn what you're looking for from us as your Cyber Security Provider.

Choose a Package

We've got three packages to choose from each varying in length and depth of service.

We Get to Work

We sign a service agreement with you and then we get to work on your infrastructure.

"SCS were a key part of our Cyber Security Roadmap and have helped us come up with current policies and plans for future upgrades"
John Doe
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